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When trying to import Spotify playlists to a new account, it's better to do that with your computer. In this part, we will introduce the easiest way to finish the task: Step 1 Open the Spotify app on your Windows or macOS computer. Then log into your old Spotify account. Step 2 Select a Spotify playlist, drop and drop it to the desktop, then you'll get an HTML file. Step 3 Double click the. SELECT THE SOURCE. Select your source music platform. Free text. Upload file. Export to file. Share. SELECT PLAYLISTS TO MOVE. First, backup your Spotify music using a backup tool like this one If you want to transfer a playlist to Spotify via the iOS operating system, have a look a SongShift. Using the app is simple. Just connect the services that you currently subscribe to, selecting the songs/playlists that you want to move over, and let SongShift search for automatic matches. You will have the chance to confirm your songs and change any that have matched incorrectly before you finalize the import

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  2. Ö ffnet Spotify und die Playlist, die ihr teilen wollt. Wollt ihr die gesamte Playlist teilen, klickt auf den Dreipunkt (...) neben dem Play-Button. Wählt dort die Option Teilen aus und.
  3. thank you bobf absouletly the easisest way to do it.... select a song in the playlist you want to transfer from hit CTRL A it'll select all the songs in that playlist then drag em to the appropriate playlist..... now i just wish spotify would let us permanently close accounts and completely unlink them from faceboo
  4. Export your playlists and tracks setup into a file by a single click. Import the file to restore your setup at any time. Login with Spotify
  5. Transfer Your Spotify Playlists, Favorites, Albums and artist to TIDAL. Move your entire Spotify music library automatically with our online servic
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  7. Transfer playlists between music platforms. Move your favorite songs, playlists, and albums to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more

4 Ways to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Another Account 1. Drag and Drop Playlists from Spotify. This is the easiest way you can copy Spotify playlist to another account: 1. Drag and drop playlists from the old Spotify account to the desktop of your computer. A web link of the playlist then will be generated on your desktop. 2 Tippt hier anschließend auf den Menüpunkt Playlists. Sucht nun die entsprechnde Playlist heraus und tippt auf diese. Aktiviert nun den Herunterladen-Schalter Spotify: Copy Playlists Between Different Accounts. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next Connect Spotify (click on it in left panel) Select Spotify playlists that you want to move (by checking the corresponding box in left of each playlist) Click on Convert tools () in top toolbar. Select SoundCloud as the destination (and connect this platform) The process starts To save it to your new account, press the three-dots menu icon next to the Play button. From the menu, select the Save to Your Library option. This will give you permanent access to the playlist.

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  1. Transfer your old music library and playlists to TIDAL with just a few easy steps. Start Playlist Import When clicking the button you will be taken to Tune My Music's website to complete your transfer
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  3. Then we are going to talk about Spotify playlist transfer. If you try to move all your playlist to a new account, you have better use the Desktop version to complete the below steps. How to Copy a Spotify Playlist. Step 1. Drag and drop the playlist from the old account to the desktop. Step 2. Switch to Spotify account. Step 3. Select all songs.
  4. Transfer Spotify Playlists to YouTube or YouTube Music [or vice versa] - YouTube
  5. Once the bot launches, type something along the lines of transfer music or playlists to a new Spotify account.. Afterward, the bot will refer you to an agent that can help you with the rest. If you're not sure that this is the right move for you, you can opt to adjust your Spotify privacy settings first. Alternatively, you can also keep.

Mooval. Mooval is an online website which allows you to transfer playlists from Deezer to Spotify and the other way around. Step 1 Open the link https://www.mooval.de/ to start the process. Step 2 Select the export and import service and click Connect to allow Mooval to connect your Deezer and Spotify account Step 1 Add local music tracks to a Spotify. Just Launch your Spotify and go to Preferences first. (Windows users can find it under Edit, while Mac users can find it under Spotify .) Then scroll down to Local Files and select ADD A SOURCE

Move Apple Music Playlist to Spotify with Siri Shortcuts. Shortcuts is a great app for task automation on iOS. You can use shortcuts to convert Apple music link to Spotify. I have created a shortcut that allows you to convert a playlist from Apple Music to Spotify. If you are interested, follow the steps below to set it up. Get this Apple Music Playlist to Spotif by opening the link in Safari. Unfortunately, transferring playlists between services is not something that can be done natively. We'll need to use a third-party service to bridge the gap between Spotify and Apple Music. The good news is that you won't need to make an account on yet another service, and it's completely free Find playlists, albums or tracks you want to transfer from Spotify service to Deezer and select all the music you want to move. Once the transfer is finished, your Spotify songs and playlists have been moved to Deezer and you can start enjoying your new music streaming service Curated Spotify playlists aren't transferable since they don't exist in Apple Music. If a user wants to transfer a playlist created by another user on Spotify, SongShift will create a new playlist in Apple Music to the best of its ability. SongShift works with a surprising amount of other streaming services as well. So users can transfer songs.

Transfer Spotify Playlist to Tidal with Soundiiz. Soundiiz is an all-in-one account manager for music lovers. It handles a large number of streaming music providers, bringing together all your playlists in a single interface. Soundiiz supports the transfer of playlists between Spotify and Tidal, but this only applies to Spotify Premium. Step 6. Run the Spotify Playlist to Apple Music shortcut. That's it. You can create a new playlist or select an existing playlist to receive all songs from Spotify. If you want to transfer playlist from Apple Music to Spotify, it is also possible with Siri Shortcuts to use Spotify's official API, which is a little complicated than this Über Beginne meine Musik zu verschieben startet abschließend der Export Ihrer Spotify-Playlist. Mehr zum Thema: Spotify-Gutschein einlösen; Spotify kündigen: So beenden Sie Ihr Abo; Spotify.

Part 2: Transfer Spotify Playlists to iTunes Library and Apple Music app. Step 1. Launch iTunes and Signed in Apple Music account. To sync the converted Spotify songs and playlist to Apple Music, you need to install the iTunes program on your computer, opening it and signed in with your Apple Music account. Step 2 Transfer your playlists, albums, followed artists and liked tracks between 50+ music services. Playlist management (Merge, Split, Duplicate...) Access to DAILY updated music charts on Apple Music, Spotify, Billboard, MTV, etc. Export CSV, XML,TXT... 20+ playlist file formats supported Spotify Playlist über Social Media teilen. Wenn ihr Songs und Wiedergabelisten mit Freunden teilen wollt, könnt ihr dazu die Option Teilen nutzen

Wonder on how to transfer Spotify music to USB for enjoying in the car? Here's a video to help you convert Spotify songs/playlists/albums for transferring th.. There are many reasons for Spotify users to transfer Spotify music to USB drive. For example, you can save them to backup Spotify music tracks, play Spotify songs in the car, or burn Spotify playlist to CDs for listening at any time. As Spotify is mainly an online streaming music service, it's almost impossible to save Spotify music to USB They help us to know which pages are the most and least popular and see how visitors move around the platform. If you do not allow these cookies we will not be able to monitor the performance of our services. First Party Targeting Cookies. First Party Targeting Cookies. These cookies may be used to deliver targeted advertisements and to build a profile of your interests. If you do not allow. Lokale Dateien. Verwende die App, um auf deinem Gerät gespeicherte Musikdateien abzuspielen. Diese bezeichnen wir als lokale Dateien. Hinweis: Dateien oder Downloads aus illegalen Quellen sind nicht zulässig. Für: Spotify Premium. Importiere deine lokalen Dateien über die Schritte unter Computer. Füge die Dateien einer Playlist hinzu Watch this short video and learn how to transfer your Spotify playlist to Apple Music or your Apple music playlist to Spotify or transfer playlists between m..

Transfer Spotify playlists to eSound Music. A quick solution to move your Spotify playlists (or Apple Music or any other music apps supported by Soundiiz) to eSound Music is to convert to YouTube first. According to eSound Music, you can use Soundiiz to convert your playlists to YouTube and then copy and paste the YouTube playlist link in the. Select the Spotify playlist you want to transfer and tap 'Done' in the top-right corner. If you're using SongShift Pro you can choose to add multiple playlists here; on the free version, that.

Transfer Your Spotify Playlists, Favorites, Albums and artist to Amazon Music. Move your entire Spotify music library automatically with our online servic Spotify, offering over 70 million tracks, is the King in the music streaming world by the number of subscribers.As of February of 2021, Spotify had 155 million premium subscribers worldwide. Spotify Premium users can stream ad-free and high-quality music offline, but it's impossible to transfer the downloaded songs to anywhere else.A lot of paid users are confused about this and below we. 1. Convert playlist. ← Drag this to your bookmarks bar. Don't see the bookmarks bar? Hit Shift + Ctrl + B. 2. Go to the playlist you wish to move. 3. Press the bookmark on your bookmarks bar

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1 Add a Spotify playlist to the program. Download and run the NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter. Drag and drop the playlist from Spotify to NoteBurner. Note: The program is currently set to a maximum of 500 songs for a playlist by default. To import a playlist with more than 500 songs, please open the playlist on Spotify, select all songs in. Transfer Spotify to Spotify Move all of your playlists, songs, and favorite albums from Spotify to Spotify. With FreeYourMusic you can migrate playlist in a few easy steps without paying for a long-term subscription

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To import Apple Music playlists to Spotify, you can convert your Apple Music to DRM-free audio format, such as MP3 which is currently the most widely used audio format. After getting the MP3 Apple Music local file, directly import the DRM-free Apple Music file into the Spotify program. Done, you can enjoy Apple Music songs & playlists on Spotify without any restrictions. You can follow the. Transfer Your Spotify Playlists, Favorites, Albums and artist to Soundcloud. Move your entire Spotify music library automatically with our online servic Steps to Transfer iTunes Playlists to Spotify. Step 1. Launch UkeySoft Apple Music Converter To make things go smoothly, we recommend that you first add the iTunes playlist to the iTunes library. When UkeySoft Apple Music Converter is running, iTunes also automatically launches and loads all iTunes media, including iTunes M4P music, audiobooks, Apple Music Songs and iTunes M4V movies, TV shows. Guide: Transfer Playlists from iTunes to Spotify. Step 1 Make Sure Your Playlists Have Been Shared From iTunes. Open iTunes, head to Preferences, then select Advanced, and tick Share iTunes Library XML with other applications. Step 2 Transfer Your Playlist to Spotify. Here we take a playlist named 22 on iTunes for example Maybe there isn't any online Spotify playlist transfer to help you directly transfer playlist from one Spotify account to another, but you could turn to some online Spotify to other music streaming service transfer tools to complete this. Mooval is such kind of Spotify playlist transfer tool for you. It could help you transfer playlists between Spotify and Deezer. Therefore you could.

How to move playlists from Apple Music to Spotify. While we would like to show you a native way to migrate your Apple Music playlists to Spotify, it just isn't possible. That's why we're going to be using a third-party tool to do the job. This tool is called Tune My Music which is a simple website that allows you to move your songs from one streaming service to another. They offer paid plans. Today I'll be showing you guys how to transfer Playlists from a Music Service to Another for free. Supported Music Services include Apple Music, Spotify, You.. So übertragen Sie die Spotify-Wiedergabeliste mit TuneMyMusic auf Apple Music: Schritt 1. Richten Sie Ihren Browser auf tunemymusic.com und klicken Sie auf die lila Schaltfläche mit der Bezeichnung Lasst uns beginnen . Schritt 2. Wählen Sie als Nächstes Ihre Quellmusikplattform aus - Spotify. Schritt 3

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Part 1. Can I Transfer Spotify Playlist to Google Play Music. It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Up to this point, your guess is as good as mine. Transferring Spotify playlists to Google Play Music will give you an added advantage. Remember there is the YouTube Red that comes free with every Google Play Music Unlimited. Method 3: Download Spotify Playlists to Computer and Import to TIDAL. This method can not only be used for syncing Spotify playlists to Tidal, but also gives you a wise choice to offline listen to Spotify songs. Under the favor of TuneCable's Spotify Music Downloader, you will gain real Spotify music files and can transfer to any device for. How to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music on iOS. 1. Download and install SongShift from the App Store. The free version will let you transfer one playlist at a time, while upgrading to.

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Step 4 Transfer iTunes playlist to Spotify You can go back to the settings windows of the Spotify app. Please click the Local Files > Add a Source to copy iTunes playlist to Spotify. It is more flexible and better compatibility. Video Demo How to Transfer iTunes playlist to Spotify Transfer all playlists of a Spotify user. For migration purposes, it is possible to transfer all public playlists of a user by using the Spotify user's ID (unique username). python YouTube.py --all <spotifyuserid> Command line options. There are some additional command line options for setting the playlist name and determining whether it's public or not. To view them, run > python YouTube.py. Wähle eine Playlist aus. Playlist bearbeiten. Tippe auf der Playlist auf (iOS)/ (Android) und dann auf Bearbeiten: Einen Song entfernen kannst du über . Um die Reihenfolge zu ändern, halte gedrückt und verschiebe die Elemente (nur Spotify Premium). Playlist löschen. Tippe auf der Playlist auf (iOS) oder (Android). Tippe auf Playlist löschen Transfer Spotify Playlists to iTunes Library. Step 1: Go to ' Converted ' module to pick the songs which converted from Spotify Playlist. Then tap on ' Export to iTunes ' from the top menu bar. Step 2: New iTunes Playlist's name will generated by the default date, if you want to change the name of it, please go to iTunes to rename

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Now you can easily transfer and play any Spotify song and playlist to your mobile phone, MP3 player, iPod, etc without any limitations. It is compatible with both the Spotify app and web player and you can convert a batch of songs as you like Copying songs from a Spotify playlist can be useful when you find a playlist of a friend with songs that you love. In this quick tutorial we will teach you in a step-by-step with images how you can create identical copies of the playlist of your friends and other Spotify users.. Spotify is a music streaming application launched in October 2008, but even after all these years, the service's. How to Transfer Spotify Songs to Your Android/iPhone. 1. USB cable. You need to connect your Android mobile phone to your PC with a USB cable. After this, send or copy-paste the converted songs to your Android phone. You can also use Airdroid or similar apps in order to import your songs to mobile. 2. Upload songs to Google Drive/Dropbox. You can use Google Drive/Dropbox (other cloud storage. Falls du also vorhast, den Streaminganbieter zu wechseln, deine YouTube-Playliste bei Spotify oder Deezer hören willst oder einfach mal andere Anbieter ausprobieren möchtest, dann solltest du Soundiiz einmal testen. Soundiiz - Convert and import your playlists

Wird jedoch ein neuer User erstellt, befinden sich keine Playlisten in diesem und eine direkte Export- Importfunktion für Playlisten sucht man derzeit in Spotify vergebens! Daher habe ich mir ein paar Gedanken darüber gemacht und habe mich gefragt, wie man wohl seine Playlisten am einfachsten vom Benutzerkonto A zu Benutzerkonto B bekommt. Die Antwort dazu ist recht einfach - man benutzt. Spotify-Playlist als Word-Dokument exportieren. Wenn Sie Ihre Playlist an Freunde schicken wollen, ist der Export als Word-Dokument am einfachsten. In unserer Bildgalerie finden Sie die einzelnen Schritte ebenfalls beschrieben. Öffnen Sie Ihre Playlist in Spotify und markieren Sie alle Titel mit der Tastenkombination Strg + A Spotify gehört zu den beliebtesten Musik-Streaming-Diensten, aber es gibt auch gute Gründe, die Konkurrenz mal abzuhören. (© 2017 CURVED ) (© 2017 CURVED

Für: Spotify Premium Importiere deine lokalen Dateien über die Schritte unter Computer. Füge die Dateien einer Playlist hinzu. Melde dich mit deinem Smartphone oder Tablet auf Spotify über dasselbe WLAN-Netzwerk an, das du auch auf deinem Computer verwendest Export your playlists and tracks setup into a file by a single click. Import the file to restore your setup at any time. Login with Spotify. Our Spotify backup tool is not compatible on phones yet. Please use a windows or a mac machine to use this service. / / Join Our Discord. Having an issue upgrading? Or just want to stay updated on our latest news and features? Our 24/7 support team will. Spotify notoriously takes back all premium and some fundamental features from free users, making it hard to use without paying. An excellent market tactic. Spotify is the only music streaming application, while iTunes is both, in a nutshell, a music streaming and managing application. Part 2. Import iTunes Playlist to Spotify on Windows & Mac. Besides, the songs are unable to move to another place since they have been DRM protected. And to keep your listening history, from now and then you need to make sure you log in and stay online to keep your account active. And a Spotify music download can get you out of all these restrictions. With it, you can download DRM-free songs and play music offline without premium. So, we have listed.

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I have 3 lengthy Spotify playlists and would like to convert to mp3 online and download them as local on the computer so that I can import. Spotify does serve as a platform for displaying thousands of music or curated playlists. However, it sets limits, with DRM to prevent you from downloading music from the platform to other extra devices, no matter you have a free account or premium account. Spotify playlist curators earn up to $6 USD (£4.30 GBP) for each track review when using services such as Playlist Push. There are also other ways to monetize playlists. For example, curators could offer services to brands as a playlist creator TuneFab arbeitet daran, DRM-Schutz aufzuheben, damit Sie Spotify Songs kinderleicht downloaden und Musik von Apple Music und Spotify schnell umwandeln in MP3, MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, u.v.m TuneCable Spotify Music Downloader (Windows/Mac) is a powerful and user-friendly software that can help you stream Spotify playlists to the computer.Compared with other converters in the market, as an old-renowned brand, TuneCable was and is critically acclaimed for its lossless audio quality conversion, complete ID3 tags and 10X fast conversion speed, etc

‎Transfer your Spotify playlists & favorite songs to Apple Music®. - multiple playlist selection - searching by ISRC & metadata - detailed information before transfer songs - detailed selection before transfer songs - reports about transfer details - you can send reports via e-mail (You won't lose While there is no direct way on Apple Music or Spotify to transfer your playlists, you can use third-party services. This wikiHow will teach you how to use the free service called Tune My Music on a web browser to transfer your Apple Music playlist to Spotify Mit Spotify Free kannst du Musik nur online hören, für den Offline-Modus brauchst du Spotify Premium. Ein weiterer Vorteil von Spotify Premium ist, dass du entscheidest, in welcher Qualität du die Musik hören willst. Unter Einstellungen -> Soundqualität kannst du bis zu 320 KBit/s einstellen. Nur das Premium-Abo erlaubt es dir, Musik auf Smart TV und smarten Lautsprechernr zu hören Transfers youtube music playlists to spotify. Contribute to aosmond3/playlist-transfer development by creating an account on GitHub

How to Move Playlists From Apple Music to Spotify. As much as we'd love to show you a native way to migrate your Apple Music playlists to Spotify, it's just not possible. That's why we're going to enlist a third-party tool to get the job done. That tool is called Tune My Music, which is a simple website allowing you to move your songs from one streaming service to another. They. How to transfer your playlists from Spotify to Tidal. Here we are then. You've made a great choice. Now comes the critical part: transferring your carefully curated playlists from Spotify to Tidal. Thankfully, there are a handful of services that can help you transfer your Spotify music to Tidal. Some are paid-for and some are free. In our experience, the best of the free bunch is Tune My. Step 4: Transfer the Playlist to Spotify. On the Shift Setup page, tap on Setup Destination and select Spotify as the destination. Choose New Playlist under destination type, and now you're almost ready to go. You can tap on the edit icon next to Create new playlist to type in a new name for the playlist on Spotify, but if you leave it as is, it'll keep the same name it had on Apple Music Can I download a Spotify playlist for free? Both free and premium users can download tracks, albums, artists and playlists from Spotify for offline playback on any device and MP3 player. Can you download a Spotify playlist to a USB? No. Spotify uses an encrypted file extension (Ogg Vorbis) as its streaming format- not an MP3 file. So you would.

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1. Open the Spotify Music converter, copy the Spotify playlist link to the program to prepare for the download. Find Spotify playlists or tracks you want to transfer to USB, copy your link to the program. After pasting the link and clicking Add, the application would detect the songs and display them in the main panel. 2. Set output format as MP3 Transfer your Spotify playlists. Once you've downloaded SongShift, the next step is to sign into the accounts that you want to transfer your playlists between. In this case, you'll want to.

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It supports spotify, youtube, deezer, plain text, M3U, PLS and more. Unify: Transfer music from iTunes to Spotify. Unify lets you drag and drop your playlists and albums into Spotify. Unify is built for speed. Transfer hundreds of playlists and albums in seconds Perhaps not the best place to post this, but I'm looking to try Tidal for the three month free trial - the uncompressed audio vs Spotify's compression is all too appealing, and I feel like now is the time to dip my toe in. I would like to transfer my playlists over from Spotify. There are a few paid services, but ideally I'd like to do it. This way, your YouTube Music will be in sync with your Spotify playlist all the time. Transfer Existing Playlists from YouTube Music to Spotify. The above method lets you create a background service that syncs your YouTube Music with Spotify automatically. Note that it will only apply for newly liked songs and not your existing library. So if you want to transfer your existing library of liked. If you want to transfer your playlists and songs from Apple Music to Spotify, thankfully, there's an app that lets you do that. In fact, it can do the other way In fact, it can do the other way Download Mp3 Play Vide Is there any way i can export my sonos playlists to spotify. 1 comment. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by: best. level 1 · 3y. No, there is no option in the Sonos app to export any information about your Playlists, unfortunately. 1. Share . Report Save. More posts from the spotify community. 567.

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Duplicate a Playlist in Spotify. When you add a playlist created by a friend to your library, it still remains as theirs. You will not be able to edit it or remove the songs you do not want. The only way is to duplicate the entire playlist and make one for you. You cannot duplicate an entire playlist from the Spotify app on your Android or iPhone. You need to do it from the Spotify desktop app. Spotify is an online music streaming service that contains millions of songs, which means that the users need to manage their songs in an effective way or they will get lost in the collections they like. Imagine that you have saved 100 songs in Spotify without a playlist, and how can you pick some hip hops when necessary? By browsing the all songs one by one Transfer Musi (iOS) playlist to Spotify, Apple Music and more. Soundiiz is supporting the import of Musi (iOS) playlists to other streaming services with the Share link provided by Musi (feelthemusi) in the app itself. For that, simply go to your playlist on Musi (iOS) and use Share button to get an URL using Copy Link

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Converting Spotify to Apple Music Playlist Matches using SongShift. The SongShift app and service will begin copying your playlist options from Spotify to Apple Music. Not all songs will transfer, however—rights limitations mean that Spotify and Apple Music don't always have the same artists and bands available for playback Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. ×. View on Spotify. Afternoon delight Chill Pop. Afternoon. How to Transfer Spotify Playlists to Apple Music; How to make a pet playlist on Spotify; What is Spotify Car Thing and how to get it for free? Spotify; iGeeksBlog has affiliate and sponsored partnerships. We may earn commissions on purchases made using our links. However, this doesn't affect the recommendations our writers make. You can read more about our review and editorial process here. It is necessary if we want our application to retreive your spotify playlist. No information is stored on our server. Everything remains in your browser. 4) Choose a spotify playlist to convert from the listbox . At the end of the loading animation a listbox appears. It contains all your spotify personnal playlists. From this list, choose the playlist you want to convert from. 5) Wait for the. How to Transfer Playlists from Spotify to Apple Music. First, you have to ensure that you have an active Apple Music subscription. Otherwise, Apple Music will not allow you to perform any of these tasks. Next, you want to log onto TuneMyMusic. You don't need to create an account. Click on Start to begin the process of transferring your library and playlists. On the following page (Step 1.

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Open the app and select get started. Select Spotify and then Apple Music in the available services section. You'll have to give the app access to each music service. 3. You'll want to start a shift to transfer playlists. Select Spotify > the specific playlist > and then Apple Music Select Transfer in the right sidebar and choose Playlists. Choose Spotify as your source in the next screen. You will now select the playlists that you want to move from Spotify to Tidal. Click on.

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Move to Apple Music only allows you to move playlists from Spotify or Rdio. However, Move to Apple Music does not lock you out of your computer while it is finding and adding tracks to your music. Actually, Spotify can import your local files and playlist from iTunes, but you can't export any content from the Spotify catalogue or offline playlists back into iTunes or onto an mp3 player or anything. However, you can use third-party software to remove Spotify DRM and convert Spotify songs/playlists to mp3, then you can transfer the Spotify songs to iTunes just like ordinary music files Step 4: Import Playlists. With Stamp properly set up, open the app and select the playlist you want to import to Apple Music. The Apple script behind Stamp automates the search and add-to-playlist clicks, so you'll be able to see the process happen right in front of you in real-time. This is a new app, so a bug here and there can be expected. However, an Android user can only export the playlist to Spotify. Follow the steps below to make Spotify playlist with Shazam songs. Important: Before we start, make sure you are logged into your account on both Shazam and Spotify app on your smartphone. Also, you can follow these steps on Android as well as iPhone. 1. Open Shazam app, tap on Library at the top left corner or simply swipe.